Charles Thomas

Name: Charles Thomas

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class: 34

Title/Company: Charlotte Program Director | Knight Foundation

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Education: Duke University

Current personal or leadership goals: To advance racial equity and economic mobility in Historic West End and Charlotte.

If you could describe your Leadership Charlotte experience in three words or phrases what would they be? Fun, Engaging, Informative

What advice that you would you give to current Leadership Charlotte participants? Use your time to build relationship with your classmates.

If you could relive any program day, what would it be and why? The opening weekend. It challenged me, informed me and connected me with my class in a deep and lasting way.

What are you doing in the community these days? I work for Knight Foundation granting funds to non-profits supporting equitable development in Historic West End. Knight also supports Charlotte arts and local journalism and news. I’m on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Board, the Arts Infusion Fund Advisory Board, a proud member of New Generation of African American Philanthropists giving circle to name a few of my volunteer activities.

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