Tim Nicodemus

Name: Tim Nicodemus

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class: 40

Title/Company: Audit Manager – Ally

Hometown: Walkersville, MD

Education: Wake Forest (undergrad Finance), UNC-Charlotte (Masters of Accountancy)

Current personal or leadership goals: Develop new Board / Committee members for groups I am affiliated with, grow in my confidence as a community leader, expand my network

What advice that you would you give to current Leadership Charlotte participants? Program days are great, but believe Elizabeth and others when they tell you the real connection and LC success happens with intentionality between the days. Are you meeting with people in between? Are you following up with program day speakers that were of interest? How are you applying what you learned? That’s ‘where the juice is’ for LC participants. For example, after my program year, I got to experience a tour of Johnson C. Smith University with Dorothy Counts Scoggins, thanks to (and alongside) fellow LC 40 participant Sean Langley. He made that happen and taught me a ton about that university and the history of that neighborhood. Program days were awesome, but an experience like that was next level.

What’s a lesson that you learned through LC that has stuck with you and why? It sounds obvious, but put simply – be more curious. Asking better and bigger questions to understand an issue and wondering who is already doing good work in that space. I tend towards being judgmental / reactive, so a shift towards curiosity opens me up to experience new things and get answers that I may not have thought of.

Favorite nonprofit or community organization in Charlotte and why: There’s a bunch of great ones (Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte, Charlotte Justice Conference, QC Family Tree for three examples) but right now, I’m super optimistic about a group called Freedom Fighting Missionaries. They connect formerly incarcerated people with emotional and material support. Unique, collaborative approach, and I believe they are / will make a huge impact on our community.

Greatest personal accomplishment and why: Completing a F3 GrowRuck last year. Those who know, know. For those who don’t — it was a ~15 hour endurance event with weights and logs, walking, and general exercise shenanigans. The key to this event is that you are on a team all night. When the guys beside you aren’t quitting and won’t let you quit, that pushed me further than I thought I could physically or mentally go.

What are you doing in the community these days? Serving on the Board for Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte (RTGC), which does affordable housing repairs, and on the Planning Committee for the Charlotte Justice Conference. Always interested in learning about new groups / people doing great work in Charlotte – let’s connect and I’d love to hear more about what you are doing!

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