FAQs about the Leadership Charlotte program

What else will I learn in the Leadership Charlotte program?

In addition to learning about important community issues from content experts, our alumni share that self-discovery and leadership skills are reinforced during the Leadership Charlotte experience.

Who can apply to Leadership Charlotte?

The program is open to adults working and/or residing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Qualified applicants have demonstrated leadership capabilities in the public, private or religious sector, or show a motivation to contribute to the Charlotte community. They have served their community by contributing time and energy, or have significant interest in getting involved through the Leadership Charlotte experience.

When can I apply to Leadership Charlotte?

The application opens in December, and closes on February 15 of each year. The application can be found here.  There is a $25 application fee, and everyone who applies gets an interview. We hold an Open House each January to explain our programs and to answer questions.  If you would like to be placed on an email list to receive information about our programs and to receive details about the Open House, contact our office at 704.422-4279, or email us.

What makes a strong Leadership Charlotte candidate?

You can view the program selection criteria here.

What is the duration of the program?

The Leadership Charlotte programs begins in August of every year with a program orientation and opening weekend retreat. The final program day is in early May, and commencement takes place during the first week of June. Participants then activate to plan a program day for the next class.

Is there a cost?

Yes, tuition for at-large applicants is $4,000.  Please note: we strive to keep costs reasonable and have incredible community support from our Partners that allows us to keep at-large tuition at 50% of the actual cost of the program.

We offer scholarship options based on financial need, and we are also able to accommodate payment plans.

How can I find out more information about Leadership Charlotte?

View the other points on this website and you can find our social media channels below. Also, contact our office at 704.422.4279 or email us