Kelly Glantz

Name:  Kelly Glantz

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class:  LC40 – Best Class Ever

Title/Company: Sr. Executive Director March of Dimes

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado

Education: BS Human Services from UNC (University of Northern Colorado – Go Bears!)

Current personal or leadership goals: Continue to support and serve Leadership Charlotte on the Alumni Committee.

What advice that you would you give to current Leadership Charlotte participants? Be present in EVERY moment.  Take notes.  Spend time with as many people that you “think” are different from you.  Say what you are thinking.  This experience is life changing if you lean in.

How do you use your Leadership Charlotte experience today? I work for the March of Dimes and our focus is on maternal & infant health and health equity.  LC taught me what equity looks like – not just in health care, but education, transportation, the justice system…  We have so much to do, but I can now see how my work with the March of Dimes impacts equity.  Many hands make light work.

Favorite nonprofit or community organization in Charlotte and why: Really so many great organizations, but one that gets rave reviews is the Charlotte ToolBank. I’ve heard other non-profits share on how empowering it was to borrow tools or special event items for community events, such as playground builds or fundraising walks. The ToolBank tools are available for rent to community-based organizations and are loaned out at a fraction of what it would cost to rent or purchase elsewhere. For individuals, the ToolBank has a tool sales area with new and gently used items for sale at a 50% or more off retail prices. I’m pretty handy, so I appreciate the ability to save a little on my home projects.

Greatest personal accomplishment and why: Being a non-traditional first generation college student at the age of 34. I graduated at 38 and my classmates called me the Senior Senior.  I truly believe it is never too late!

How has your life after Leadership Charlotte surprised you and why? I thought I was joining LC to better my career. Instead, I met new friends that I wouldn’t have had opportunity to meet in my daily life.  These friends have changed the course of my life – for the better.  I am a better person for the relationships I have made through LC.  LC40 – the BEST CLASS EVER!

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