(Please complete by May 9, 2023)

Transportation is one of the growing issues in our community. In addition to being a major component in discussions on sustainable energy and our regional economy, it is a key factor affecting the personal lives of many of our citizens. A large segment of our population depends on the Charlotte Area Transit System for transportation to and from basic destinations like work, grocery stores, schools, doctors, etc. In order to become more informed about one facet of our city’s transportation system, Leadership Charlotte class members are required to ride a local Charlotte Area Transit System Bus. Your trip must include a stop at the Transit Center located at 310 East Trade Street or should be to and/or from a place of work or business (somewhere that you visit regularly). Riding the Gold Rush, the Light Rail or an express bus are not acceptable in completing this assignment.

Schedule and route information is available here, and by calling 704-336-RIDE (7433). In addition, bus schedules are available in libraries, the Government Center, and the Transportation Center (310 East Trade Street).

The cost to ride a local bus is $2.20 (one-way), and you must have exact change. In general, buses run from 5:55 am – 1:30 am. For more information, visit the Transit System website .

A bus ride is a requirement for completion of the Leadership Charlotte program.

Bus Ride Form