Jeff Bundy

Name:  Jeff Bundy

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class:  38

Title/Company:  Director, Client Activation, Hearst Media Production Group

Hometown: State College, Pennsylvania

Education:  BS, Media Studies – Film and Video | Penn State University

Current Leadership Goals: I recently started in a new role with the Hearst Media Production Group here in Charlotte. We are the team that produces FCC mandated educational programming for NBC, ABC, CBS, the CW and Telemundo. Many of our programs exceed 1 million views EACH WEEK. Some of our show titles include Harlem Globetrotters: Play It Forward with host Craig Robinson, Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove (and executive producer Geena Davis), and Lucky Dog on CBS (which I know Elizabeth McKee is a big fan of). My professional goal for the year is to connect businesses and non-profits here in Charlotte with these programs so that we can showcase their work, and our region to this huge national audience.

 What advice that you would you give to current Leadership Charlotte participants?  Say “Yes” as often as you can… Yes to the coffee meeting with a classmate; yes to opening up during closing circles; yes to volunteering with program days; yes to going outside of your comfort zone, etc. The Leadership Charlotte experience is reciprocal… the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

What’s a lesson that you learned through LC that has stuck with you and why? There were so many impactful experiences during my program year… one lesson that has stuck with me is the multifaceted way that the arts impact a city. All cities have big buildings and big businesses… GREAT cities have thriving arts scenes. The artists, musicians, chefs and creatives that call Charlotte home are the soul of the city and the impact of their work goes far beyond the “canvas” they work on… great concerts, restaurants, murals, etc. make neighborhoods more vibrant, which creates community, which helps people establish roots in the region, which can increase employee retention at businesses, and so on. In addition to this being a main point throughout Arts & Culture Day, Hugh McColl emphasized this idea during Past, Present and Future day… the arts add flavor to our lives and there is a direct BUSINESS strategy to supporting the creative community.

What would you like to see Leadership Charlotte alumni get involved in and why: Honestly, I would love to see more alums donate to/fundraise for LC. With increased funding, the program could be even more impactful. Can you personally donate $5 or $10 per month? Could your company sponsor a program day? Could you personally donate a scholarship? Could you host an alumni social or donate an item for the year-end auction?

Favorite way to spend a weekend in Charlotte:  My kids are swimmers. When I am not traveling for work, or their out of town meets, I am usually at the MCAC pool cheering them on… sometimes during their practices and warm ups, I am able to sneak away and just walk around the city for hours on end without a destination or plan. Every time I do this I stumble upon a mural, pop up shop, festival or performance that reaffirms my love of this city.

Favorite nonprofit or community organization in Charlotte and why:  Aside from Leadership Charlotte 😉, I am a HUGE fan of the work being done by Charlotte is Creative. As I already mentioned, the arts play such an important role in the vibrancy of a community. The far-reaching work that Matt Olin and Tim Miner do with CiC to support the creative community and economy is incredible. I am constantly impressed by their energy, commitment to the creative community and their intentionality around inclusion. In addition to being a monthly donor, I attend their Creative Mornings events as often as possible (among the BEST events in the city), and occasionally play the drums in their “OneBand” performances. Learn more at

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