Gigi Hamilton

Name: Gigi Hamilton

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class: 40

Title/Company: Personal Enrichment Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC – Owner

WHY I SUPPORT Leadership Charlotte…

“I give to Leadership Charlotte because I believe in being a part of a macro-level ecosystem of service, leadership, and purpose. I am honored to participate in a program that sees the value of working with major corporations as well as small business owners to create change and shift our culture. Leadership Charlotte has given me the gift of creating relationships and service opportunities that truly allow me to be connected on a broader scale within our illustrious Queen City. I support and will continue to give to Leadership Charlotte because as a transplant in this city, Leadership Charlotte has become family and my home away from home. Giving and serving for the greater good is natural for me and Leadership Charlotte created the avenue for me to give with intention and incorporate long-term change.”

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