Dale Fite (LC36)

Name:  Dale Fite

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class:  36

Title/Company: President & CEO, Tyler 2 Construction, Inc.

Hometown: Shelby, NC

Education:  B.S. Textiles, NC State; MBA, Duke

Current personal or leadership goals: My leadership goals are to empower and encourage the people I work with to grow in confidence every day.  I like to humbly “lead from the back” by providing others the opportunity for recognition and advancement.  Leadership to me is about being willing to be less so that others can be more.

What advice that you would you give to current Leadership Charlotte participants?

My advice to current Leadership Charlotte participants is to approach every program day as if you are a dry sponge.  Then take every opportunity to soak up the experience of each program day.  This will help you truly receive the message and intent of each program day.

What program day stands out in your memory and why?

Community Trusteeship day stands out the most.  I loved it because it reinforced the fact that our community needs everyone to contribute and there are so many different ways in which we can make differences in our world.

Favorite nonprofit or community organization in Charlotte and why:

My favorite non-profit in Charlotte is Dreamon3.  Dream on 3 provides “dream experiences” in the world of sports for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions.  Dream on 3 allows these children to experience once-in-a lifetime experiences with their sports heroes.  Every year the organization has expanded its reach and it has provided Dream experiences for so many children in our area.

What are you doing in the community these days?

I currently volunteer with my family at Bags of Hope in Lake Norman.  Their mission is to supply free weekend food provisions to school children who experience food insecurity.  In the Lake Norman alone, Bags of Hope provides weekend (and holiday) food for over 300 children.  The need is great and unfortunately it is in our own neighborhoods.

How has your life after Leadership Charlotte surprised you and why?

I have become more aware of the needs of other people in our community.  Charlotte is such a prosperous city.  However, within our community, there are so many in need for basic necessities that we often take for granted (food, shelter, clothing).  We live in the world’s richest country, yet we often ignore those in need.

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