Selection Process and Transfers

Each Leadership Charlotte class has 50-55 individuals.  About 50% of the class is made up of at-large applicants (anyone in the community).  The other 50% are Tuition Partner candidates.  Tuition Partner candidates do not go through our selection/interview process.  Here is a list of our current Tuition Partners.

The selection committee is comprised of Leadership Charlotte Board Members and Alumni. Members of this committee serve multiple year terms for purposes of continuity. Interview Partners must serve for at least 1 year prior to being on the Selection Committee and can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive years as an Interview Partner.  Selection Committee members can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive years.   It is an expectation that members of this committee agree to respect the confidentiality of all applicants. Refrain from sharing any specific information about the organization, applicants or staff outside this process.  Within the selection conversation members will have open dialog and share information that is pertinent to the selection process.

In January, both selection committee members and interview partners attend training about the process.  Applications are accepted until February 15, after which, from mid-February to mid-March all at-large applications are read and scored by the selection committee.  We take all personal information off the applications for this part of our process.   The Selection Committee and Interview Partners then meet to review interview guidelines and review interview assignments.  From mid-March to late April interviews are conducted, with no selection members being paired with applicants they may know, avoiding any conflict of interest.  In the beginning of May the Selection Committee meets to decide on recommendations to the Board for at-large participants and a list of alternates for the Class.  At the May/June LC Board of Directors meeting, the Selection Committee Chair presents Class recommendations to Board of Directors for vote of approval.

Transfers from other Leadership Programs

Membership in Leadership Charlotte is open to persons who have completed city leadership programs of similar structure and length which are affiliated with the Association of Leadership Programs (ALP) and who have met the following criteria:

  • Attended two Class program days
  • Paid an audit fee equal to 20% of the prevailing Leadership Charlotte tuition
  • Submitted written verification of graduation from a leadership program in another city
  • Submitted a written application and photo (a basic information form, so that we might have some background history on file)

Persons meeting these criteria will be regarded as full members of Leadership Charlotte and are entitled to all rights and privileges.

To download the Transfer Policy and Application click here.