About Us

What is Leadership Charlotte?

1. Where Charlotte’s leaders connect and grow: It’s where diverse people, from all walks of life, connect with Charlotte’s key decision makers to gain a deeper understanding of how our community works.

2. A backstage pass to Charlotte: Our programs offer an immersion to our city where leaders experience both what makes our community successful and what challenges we face.

3. A network of 1,900 and growing: We have over 1,900 alumni who remain connected and committed to each other and our community. Our alumni continue to connect, develop and grow through alumni programming and their activities in the city.

4. A pipeline of leaders for business and our community: Leadership Charlotte becomes a vast resource of connections across industries, government and the non-profit landscape. Bottom line – Leadership Charlotte produces leaders who are passionate about making Charlotte a better place in which to live.

Leadership Charlotte is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What is the mission of Leadership Charlotte?

The mission of Leadership Charlotte is to develop and enhance volunteer community leadership by providing a diverse group of emerging and existing leaders with the opportunity to increase their community knowledge, civic network, and service to the community.

A Look Into the Class: