Pat Evans (LC 26)

Name:  Pat Evans

Leadership Charlotte Class:  26

Title: Process Architect/Senior Project Manager at Principle Solutions Group

Hometown:  South Hill, VA (Moved to Charlotte in January 1996)

Education: MBA and MHA Pfeiffer University

Current or personal leadership goal: This year, I will be launching my own commercial industry business (RPC Transportation Services, LLC). So, this will further my community ties to Charlotte

Three words or phrases that describe my LC experience:

Life altering experience:  The LC experience changed my mindset in a substantial way and created a greater sense of community awareness.  Diverse:  LC structured the class in a manner that allowed different cultures and people of various organizational levels and backgrounds to share personal journeys and experiences which were very enlightening. It also helped to facilitate interesting discussions. Bonding:  The LC experience allowed us to create friendships/relationships that will last forever.

What would I like to see LC alumni get involved and and why?

I would like to see more collaboration efforts between the different classes on an annual basis. It would be beneficial to the community to select a topic or cause each year (one that is of great interest/concern) to support that would create more community awareness and engagement. I also think that we need to continue to promote the LC organization so that the community gains a better understanding of the purpose and mission.

Topic or area of Charlotte that I would like to learn more about and why.

I would like to learn more about Charlotte’s African American history and what many have termed as vanishing historic sites. I recall reading an article last year during Black History Month that discussed aggressive gentrification and redevelopment in historically black neighborhoods. Since I am not a Charlotte native, this topic is of interest especially since people believe that gentrification of these sites are erasing heritage from the Charlotte landscape.

Favorite nonprofit organization in Charlotte.

The Lupus Foundation of America, North Carolina Chapter is my favorite organization. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. It was a very emotional and life-altering time for me. It was this organization that provided the support and resources that allowed me to adjust to my new normal and to thrive. They are a significant factor in why I have been able to have a good quality of life despite my condition. In addition, they have become such a vital part of the community in creating lupus awareness and championing legislation and funding.

What do you remember most vividly about the LC experience?

I remember the knowledge that I gained from every program day especially Diversity Day. It became apparent to me that there is much to learn from a cultural and community perspective regarding what people encounter every day whether it be in the workplace or as it relates to access to resources and opportunities.






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