John Luebke (LC 22)

Name: John N. Luebke

Leadership Charlotte Class: Class 22

Title/Company: Project manager, Charlotte Works; Guest Relations, Carolina Panthers.

Hometowns: Mayer, MN; Sioux Falls, SD; Washington, DC; Tucson, AZ; Denver, CO; Brussels, Belgium; Seattle, WA; and now Charlotte, NC.

Education: Executive MBA from Queens University of Charlotte, McColl School of Business; BA in sociology from Augustana College, SD. Service leadership via Up With People worldwide; ongoing conversations and research on world topics.

Favorite Leader: People “stepping forward” with a particular idea, question, or initiative in various situations and moving things “forward” — I see these people every day!

Person you would most like to meet: My maternal grandfather (who died shortly before my parents married) since I’m supposedly a bit like him; Peter Sagal (with NPR’s “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!”); Peter Jennings (ABC News); and my future partner… and I guess I’ll need some type of super-intervention to make that happen.

Favorite Book: It’s a tie: 1) The Book of Questions by Dr. Gregory Stock; 2) Inspired Philanthropy by Tracy Gary — hope to consult more people on effective philanthropy.

Favorite Places to Volunteer: Rotary International – Charlotte Dilworth SouthEnd Club and Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders (SFTL) youth leadership; Up With People International Alumni Association.

Personal leadership goal: Participating in and leading various teams with integrity.

Hottest news topic that fires you up: Injustices in immigration, economic disparity, marriage (in-)equality, scams, etc.

Words you live by: Judge a man by his questions, not his answers  -Voltaire.

Favorite Charlotte Activities: Volleyball, yoga, laughing, youth development, real conversations with friends and new acquaintances, Freedom Park.

Favorite LC Program Day and Favorite LC Memory: Opening Retreat Weekend and Community Trusteeship Day

Hot leadership idea for Charlotte: Authentic and dedicated collaboration between “competitive” businesses and organizations in doing the right, long-term things for our region

Twitter account: @JohnConnecting

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