Rebecca Anderson (LC 27)

Alumni Spotlight Questions

Name:  Rebecca B. Anderson

Leadership Charlotte (LC) Class: 27

Title/Company:  Vice President, Marketing, Strategy and Communications at Queens University of Charlotte

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: Whitman College for BA in History; McColl School of Business for MBA

Favorite Leader: Queen Elizabeth I of England

Person you would most like to meet: Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Book: People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks

Favorite Place to Volunteer: Arts & Science Council

Personal leadership goal: To keep growing and progressing as a leader who positively impacts her team, organization and community

Hottest news topic that fires you up: The Israel/Palestine conflict

“Theme song” or words you live by: Decision-making propels us forward! I’d rather make 50 decisions in a day with 10 bad ones than 10 decisions with no stinkers.  Most of the time you can course-correct the bad decisions as you continue to move yourself forward.

Favorite Charlotte Activities: Hiking in the city and throughout the region; visual arts at museums like Mint, Gannt and Bechtler; yoga

Favorite LC Program Day or Favorite LC Memory:  Diversity Day

Hot leadership idea for Charlotte:  Let’s support our entrepreneurial community in meaningful ways.

Twitter account: @JohnConnecting

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